Spicy Level: Mild, Medium, Spicy, or Extra Spicy
Please let us know if you have any allergies or dietary restrictions.
18% Gratuity may be added to party of 5 or more.
A plating fee of $4/head will be charged for outside food/drinks.


Poh Pia Tod 7.95
Veggies spring rolls served with plum sauce

Gai Gor Lae 11.95 [image]
Grilled chicken with coconut curry sauce

Tod Mun Pla 12.95 [image]
Deep fried spicy mince fish served with peanut plum sauce

Peek Gai Tom Yum 13.95 [image]
Fried chicken wings with Tom Yum flavour

Muek Yang 14.95 [image]
Grilled squid served with chilli lime sauce

Geow Goong 12.95 [image]
Steamed shrimp dumpling with garlic oil, served with chilli lime sauce

Moo Tod 13.95 [image]
Fried pork belly served with chilli lime sauce

Gai Tod Hat Yai 13.95 [image]
Southern Thailand fried chicken with onion served with plum sauce


Tom Yum (spicy) [image]
Lemongrass soup with tomato, mushroom and onion
Veggies Tofu 8.95 | Chicken 9.95 | Shrimp 12.95

Tom Kha [image]
Coconut soup with tomatoes, mushroom and onion
Veggies Tofu 8.95 | Chicken 9.95 | Shrimp 12.95


Pla Goong 15.95 [image]
Lemongrass salad with shrimp, onion, mint and chilli

Yum Ma Muang 13.95 [image]
Mango Salad with onion and peanut

Yum Sapparod 15.95 [image]
Pineapple salad with squid, shrimp, onion, tomato, Chinese celery, chilli and peanut


Gaeng Keow Whan (spicy) [image]
Green curry with bamboo shoot.
Veggies Tofu 17.95 | Chicken 19.95

Mas Sa Man [image]
Tamarind coconut red curry, peanut, and potato
Veggies Tofu 17.95 | Braised Beef 20.95


Koong Ob Woonsen 25.95 [image]
Steamed glass noodle with shrimp, Napa, ginger and Chinese celery served with chilli lime sauce

Khao Pad Pla 24.95 [image]
Fried rice with mackerel fish. egg, onion, carrot, lemongrass and topped with kastuobushi flakes


Pad Gra Prao (spicy)
Holy basil, onion, and chilli topped with fried egg
Minced Chicken 18.95 [image] | Crispy Pork 19.95 [image]

Khao Pad [image]
Pineapple fried rice, curry powder, egg, onion, and green pea
Veggies Tofu 17.95 | Chicken 19.45 | Shrimp 22.45

Pad Ka Na (spicy) [image]
Chinese broccoli with garlic, onion and chilli
Tofu 17.45 | Crispy Pork 20.45


Pad Thai [image]
Rice noodles, egg, tofu, bean sprouts, chives, tamarind sauce, and ground peanut
Veggies Tofu 17.95 | Chicken 18.95 | Shrimp 22.95

Pad Kee Mao (spicy) [image]
Flat rice noodles, egg, chilli, green bean, basil, mushroom, and baby pepper corn
Veggies Tofu 17.95 | Beef 19.95

Pad See Ew [image]
Flat rice noodle, egg, Chinese broccoli, and soy sauce
Veggies Tofu 17.95 | Chicken 19.95

Guey Tiew Khaek (Isalamic Noodle) [image]
Rice noodle with boiled egg, peanut and red curry gravy
Veggies Tofu 17.95 | Beef 19.95

Khao Soi [image]
Egg noodle with yellow curry, onion, cabbage and bean sprouts
Veggies Tofu 17.95 | Braised Beef 19.45

Southern ThAi

Gaeng Ka Ti Sa Tor Nua 23.95 (spicy) [image]
Coconut green curry beef with plantain and stink bean

Choo Chee Pla Too 22.95 (spicy) [image]
Fried mackerel fish topped with coconut curry

Ka Nom Jeen Gaeng Tai Pla 23.95 (spicy) [image]
Rice noodles in fish curry with baby eggplant, bamboo shoots and green bean

Gaeng Cha Plu 22.95 (spicy) [image]
Coconut green curry mussels with betel leaf

Gaeng Kua Moo 21.95 (spicy) [image]
Pork ribs and ginger curry.

Pad Phed Sa Tor Koong 24.95 (spicy) [image]
Stir-fried stink bean with shrimp and curry sauce

Ka Nom Jeen Nam Ya 22.95 (spicy) [image]
Rice noodles in minced fish curry served with boiled egg, green bean, bean sprouts and cabbage

Kua Gling (spicy) [image]
Stir-fried dried curry with lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves and topped with fried egg
Minced chicken 19.95 | Minced pork 19.95


Luok Jhim 34.95 [image]
Steamed shrimps, mussels, squid, fish served with chilli lime sauce

Prik Gaeng Moo Krob 23.95 (spicy) [image]
Stir-Fried crispy pork with curry paste and green bean

Prik Pao Talay 36.95 [image]
Stir-Fried smoked chilli platter, shrimps, mussels, squid, clams and basil


Steamed Jasmine Rice 3.95
Coconut Rice 4.50

Coconut Sticky Rice 4.95
Sticky Rice 4.50
Steamed Noodle 4.50
Fried Egg 2.00


Khao Neow Ma Muang 12.95 [image]
Mango coconut sticky rice

Khao Neow Tu Rian 12.95 [image]
Durain coconut sticky rice